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The iPhone has captured its fair share of the mobile market – it is particularly successful with the “fan boy” demographic. Also with the demographic of people who are easily sold on the promise that this phone is the wave of the future. Sure it has good features – any smart phone on the market these days does and some phone manufacturers like Nokia actually have devices that more than give the iPhone a run for its money.

In fact it could be said that Nokia’s offering is a cut above Apple’s – you don’t have a battery which requires factory service to replace, the software development aspects aren’t nearly as restricted as found on the Apple’s platform.

So if Apple or another company were to launch an iPhone-only social network, it would be bringing together other people that are iPhone enthusiasts only, which would amount to a group of people matching the characteristics above. If this “network” were closed to anyone but iPhone users, I think it would limit itself greatly to potential users. With the world becoming as competitive as it is, and the number of social networking websites and tools that are cropping up growing to staggeringly large numbers, a homogeneous social network would do well to open itself to other devices.

You may not be aware, but the iPhone is still not commercially available in every country on Earth. The Chinese in fact, have taken to smuggling iPhone *back into* China where they are produced for the consumer electronics market in China. Obviously, these smuggled units are encumbered and would only be purchased by those that would be willing to tinker with the devices long enough to get them to work with their local cellular provider.

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