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In what appears to be a case of a woman falling out of the looney bin, Angela Nellany offered a hitman a mere $600 to kill her husband Paul Nellany. She stipulated that she wanted the execution executed in such a way that was slow and painful!

Paul testified in court that he didn’t believe her wife wanted him dead until he recalled another incident in December 2006, when a swarm of wasps flew out of a Welch’s grape soda can and swarmed in the cab of his pickup truck. Some people have no scruples, and when you consider the fact that 10% of the people that have ever lived in all of human history are alive right now.. Looking at the statistics further, you see that the age distribution of the people on Earth, while tending to get older (especially in industrialized countries) still tends to be skewed to the under-30 age group.

Most of the people on the planet are young, and in places like China, who is said to be awakening as a slumbering giant begins to rev up, and as such their consumption of polluting transportation and manufacturing practices could potentially wreak major havoc on the environment! The time for action is now.

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