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Congress and the White House recently settled on an economic stimulus package with unusual speed, pushing the throttle to pull the economy out of a nosedive. Is this just election-year grandstanding, or does economic stimulus really work? And if it can work, what works best?

To me this entire effort is an attempt to prevent the economy from tanking *until* the current administration is out of office. In another report I recently came across suggests the funds being sent to American citizens are not vouchers, but merely an advance on the 2008 tax refunds. If true, this is an egregious form of smoke and mirrors coming from the government. And if also if true, it really makes one wonder what the complexity of the other schemes they’ve hatched are.

Also recently released was a video of Donald Rumsfeld on September 10, 2001 stating the the Pentagon could not account for over some astounding number as $1 billion dollars of the annual budget, they simply had no accounting of it. A government accountant has also raised this issue, but unfortunately, it seems to be simply swept under a giant elephant in the room.

When is this going to change?

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