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I have not been able to articulate my position on global warming in the past. However, after reading several papers/books, I have more or less developed the thoughts that may explain my position.
Most of my concepts have been crystalized after reading the book “CHAOS” by James Gleick. (Do a Google.)
First of all, let me review a few terms so that we all know what I am talking about when I use certain terms.
Weather prediction and global warming are mathematically intense areas of study.
Doug, Newton’s formula were not wrong; F = MA, Force equals mass times acceleration is a special case of Einstein’s formula E = mC2 for small fractions of C. (C, of course, refers to the speed of light in a vacuum.) The mathematics developed by Newton and others are responsible for almost everything you can look at in your life. It is also true most of the electronics in our life now are the result of advances in quantum mechanics.
The theory of relativity and quantum mechanics have been proven to describe the reality of our world at their respective orders of magnitude (relativity at speeds approaching the speed of light and quantum theory at times on the order of 10-60 sec).
A linear system is one in which Newtonian mathematics are ideally suited. Newtonian mathematics are generally considered to be deterministic and are well adapted to analysis using known mathematical tools. Even if not exactly solvable, the outcome of a linear problem is rather predictable.
Weather predicition and weather systems are nonlinear. Except in simple and well documented problems, nonlinear equations are generally considered to be unsolvable, or at least the apparent solutions are not predictable or reliable.
Nonlinear equations and problems cannot reliably use Euclidian geometry for analysis.
In other words, in a nonlinear system you may know what happened at time t-1 and t-2 but you cannot use that knowledge to predict what will happen at time t+1 and t+2 because the nature of nonlinear is unpredictability.
Are you getting a hint where I am coming from?
I guess what I am saying is that you cannot reliably apply Euclidian methods to predict long term results from nonlinear systems.
More to come later.


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