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Ralph Nader has announced plans to run yet again for the US presidency.

Since nader has no chance of winning the only outcome is going to be one of those 2 evils. Now having said that, which of those 2 evils would you rather have? Thats the reality here. You would rather vote for Nader and remove yourself from having any influence whatsoever on the eventual REAL winner of the election? Thats all you are doing….

As much as I like Obama and his unifying message, him and Clinton and the vast majority of republican and democrat politicians are still heavily supporting the military industrial complex.
Obama has even said he would INCREASE the military budget beyond it’s current unbelievable state (half of the federal government’s operating budget is military).
also, under an Obama or Clinton administration, we’d still have the private health insurance industry around, the universal health care they are both promising is just significant tax breaks for people who have health insurance
Nader isn’t just for the sake of running or even winning, he’s running so these issues can be addressed. by voting for the lesser of two evil each year you just allow both parties to become even worse, someone needs to hold their feet to the fire

Obama’s support of the Military Industrial Complex is a scary thing to me… He’s advocating for change, but part of that change is more of the same with regards our militia. The military needs to get tough on efficiency and accountability as he’s advocating for in the Health Care industry. Additionally, since the infamous Vietnam War, the face of war has been evolving. The insurgent and guerrilla fighting tactics must be countered by better tactics, and less reliance on jack-hammer weaponry like fighter jets.

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